Welcome to the Albemarle State Policy Center (ASPC)

The Center is a non-partisan resource dedicated to identifying, researching, and analyzing State and Federal programs, policies, and legislation that affect the scope, quality, delivery, and financing of healthcare in the public and private sectors. The Center possesses the experience and knowledge to provide policymakers and health professionals with objective information and analysis to assist them in making informed decisions in their service to the States, communities, and the people they serve. Concurrently, the Center is prepared to supplement the curriculum of Health Policy Centers, Medical Centers, and Public Health Schools by conducting seminars and supplementing the Centers and Schools current research with meta-analyses of State and Federal policies.

ASPC is alert to the impact State and Federal policies can have on the private-sector's ability to compete in a competitive market. It offers stakeholders the ability to facilitate their environmental scan of threats and opportunities, trends, and the development of strategies to address them.

The Center seeks to enrich the productive dialog between academic researchers, stakeholders, advocates, and policymakers to further the debate and consideration of healthcare value, quality and access. The health challenges policymakers face today are complex and demand nuanced reflection, research, and discussion—not facile sound bites or televised banter. The private sector needs to understand how policymakers think and public policymakers need to better understand how the private sector works. The Center's experienced staff have the ability to place today's issues into perspective with regard to past actions, current priorities, and future opportunities and directions. In doing so, the Center's goal is to separate health policy from health politics.

The Center brings a depth and breadth of experience in identifying and analyzing Federal, State and local policies, programs, and legislation. It understands the complexity of State and local governments seeking to assess their current resources and policies, so as to increase the quality of healthcare, improve the health and public health of populations, and control healthcare expenditures, while managing competing priorities, limited resources, and the desire enhance a State or region's economic growth.

The Center recognizes that State government has an extensive opportunity and ability to effect the direction and capacity of the public and private health care system through:

  • Regulation of healthcare insurers, facilities, and systems
  • Scope of Practice laws and regulations for healthcare professionals
  • Healthcare for State employees, teachers, and retirees
  • Medicaid services to beneficiaries, and provider reimbursements
  • Support for the population health management and public health programs
  • Resources for academic Medical, Dental, and Nursing Centers, and
  • Consideration of the provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

It is ASPC's goal to develop a sense of trust with its clients, a clear connection to its vision to advance the health of all citizens, and a confidence that it is working to make the complex simpler and the solutions easier to achieve.


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